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Please Note

Thanks for joining us on the “Mr & Mrs” website and we hope you’ll enjoy the stories, anecdotes, history and lots of other good things connected with the show.

Now regularly running on ITV1 in the UK and in Ireland, it is also being produced, to name but a few, in Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland and Hungary in their own languages. The programme is now called “All Star Mr & Mrs” and features celebrity couples trying to prove just how much or how little they really know about each other!

It’s certainly come a long way from the tiny Border Television studio in Carlisle in the North of England, where, in 1967, Derek Batey first produced and presented it.

Much more of that and a whole lot of laughs in the following sections, but on a serious note, we’ve been asked to show you a notice which appeared in the show business trade paper, “The Stage” and, while most of you will have no plans to do a “Mr & Mrs” show, we have discovered in the past that some of you might and we wouldn’t want you to find yourselves in legal difficulties when an email, phone call or letter could sort things out.

Anyway, take a look at this:

Most of it only applies to companies or organizations looking to run a “Mr & Mrs” live show/cabaret or a series of shows/cabarets for profit, so if you are thinking of doing this you’ll need to obtain a license from Derek Batey Enterprises Ltd. before you go any further. However, if you want to hold a “Mr & Mrs” evening or something similar for charity, then a letter or email to Derek Batey Enteprises Ltd., (via the link on this site), explaining what you would like to do should get you a prompt reply and permission to go ahead for your good cause. If you can include a few details of dates, times, number of shows and, most importantly, a short explanation of what form the evening/event will take and the charity supported, these will help to make it a very quick and easy process to grant permission.

That’s the serious bit over, now let’s have some fun!!